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November 2012

Application: Pressure intensifiers used in casing tongs


Scanwill pressure intensifiers have been used in casing tongs for many years. In order to secure the pipe during the connection process, a high clamping force is required. If the hydraulic system does not have the necessary system pressure the tongs will not have the required holding capacity. To overcome this problem, Scanwill intensifiers can easily be designed into hydraulic systems, which outlet pressure is multiplied. Scanwill intensifiers have pressure ratios ranging from 1,5 to 16. By using an intensifier, you will match the speed and flexibility of standard hydraulic power units together with high pressure capabilities.

Some of the companies using the Scanwill intensifiers are National Oilwell Varco, Weatherford and Ensign. For this industry Scanwill has supplied both standard and special design units.


Pressure intensifiers used to secure the force in hydraulic tongs:

MP-T MP-2000